The Hand Care Center / Shoulder and Elbow Institute is a state-of-the-art facility conveniently located near St.Joseph Hospital in Orange, California, providing all forms of treatment and evaluation of the hand, wrist and upper extremity. The Hand Care Center / Shoulder and Elbow Institute has its own x-ray facilities, Cast Room and Upper Extremity Therapy Unit for complete preoperative and post-operative services. This enables its surgeons to deliver the highest quality of care in the most effective manner.

All problems involving our health and well-being are disturbing. Those that interfere with the use of the upper extremity rank among the most unsettling, however, for they affect our ability to earn a living, enjoy our leisure or to carry out activities of daily living. We at The Hand Care Center / Shoulder and Elbow Institute understand this well. That is why we have made it our goal to provide you with the highest quality of care in the most effective and compassionate manner possible. In doing so, we hope to return you, in as short a time as is medically feasible, to your normal activities. Our efforts on your behalf will be enhanced by your understanding of the office procedures. To assist you, we have prepared this web site as an introduction to our services.


The Hand Care Center wants to alert our patients that on June 17, 2014, we received notice from Iron Mountain Records Management—which is the company that serves as the custodian for many of our older medical records—that 25 boxes of X-ray jackets containing X-rays taken of our patients prior to 2002 have turned up missing. Iron Mountain discovered the issues as it was integrating an acquired company, Cornerstone Records Management.  After an internal investigation was conducted and a police report filed, Iron Mountain concluded that it was two former employees of the acquired company who were likely responsible for taking X-rays and selling them to a recycler, which then melted them down to recover the silver they contain. The majority of the X-rays were ten years old, so any patients seen after that time are likely unaffected. The destroyed X-rays may have contained protected health information such as patients’ names, dates of birth, gender, treating physician, medical records numbers, as well as orthopedic imaging present on the X-ray. The stolen records included absolutely no financial information. Any patients that had X-rays taken after 2002 are unlikely to be affected by this breach. If you have any questions, please contact 1-877-615-3762.